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Prompt plethora of questions to encourage deeper skills

Encouraging students to ask as many questions as possible within a short time frame -- with the persistence of preschoolers who often ask 300 questions a day, OnePoll research shows -- can help them on the road to deeper inquiry and critical thinking, according to the Right Question Institute. The institute's Question Formulation Technique uses visual prompts to spark the flood of questions, which then are improved and prioritized by groups of students before discussing next steps. Full Story: Edutopia (8/3)


Strategies to reengage at-risk students

School administrators can take opportunities to reengage students at risk of dropping out because of the coronavirus pandemic, writes Tesha Robinson, a high-school assistant principal. In this article, Robinson offers several potential strategies, including designating time to visit students at home and tapping the school registration process.

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The "I" and "We" Skills Needed for Collective Student Efficacy

We know good leaders work to develop collective teacher efficacy because it is a powerful way to increase student learning (effect size of 1.27). So, we wondered: what would happen if we applied what we know to developing collective student efficacy? Read the skills, John Hattie, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Shirley Clarke identifed as "I" and "We" skills that teachers need to develop to make student collaboration powerful and valuable.

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How are schools fixing the digital equity conundrum?

Efforts are underway to measure access and equity to digital tools at the state, district, school and classroom levels. For example, Casey Rimmer, director of innovation and edtech, said his North Carolina district first ensured all students had access to devices and the internet, and now "the next question is really analyzing who's engaging with the content, how are they engaging, how often, and what type of engagements are happening.

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States permit excused absences for mental health reasons

State legislators are passing new laws to allow excused school absences for mental health purposes. Seven states in 2020 and 2021 have passed such laws amid a spike in students' behavioral health needs, joining Minnesota, Utah and Oregon, which adopted the practice prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Education Week 

Survey: Few students learning about race, racism

The push to ban critical race theory from school curricula in some states comes as a new survey finds few students nationwide are learning about race in the classroom. Students of color are less likely to see themselves represented in school curricula, and only 56% of students say they have opportunities in school to discuss race and racism, according to a survey by the America's Promise Alliance and Research for Action.

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Why leadership is not one-size-fits-all

Leadership is a series of context-specific skills for succeeding in one-on-one situations, with teams or in broader contexts, writes Susan Fowler. "Lacking awareness of the context you're leading and not having the skills to lead in it can be dangerous -- to you, those you lead and the organization," she writes.


Steps to build a diverse teaching force

There are several steps that school leaders can take to create a diverse teaching workforce, education experts say. Officials suggest developing build-your-own-educator programs, which look within the district for ethnically and racially diverse teachers, and partnering with outside organizations that promote diversity and equity.

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