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Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

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Pennsylvania ASCD Emerging Leaders Program

Informational Sessions for the 2024 EL Cohort

December 7th, 2023 at 4:00 pm

December 12th, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Registration is now open!!  Click HERE to register.

PASCD Emerging Leader Program:

Pennsylvania ASCD believes in promoting and supporting effective teacher leaders through our Emerging Leaders program. 

School districts depend on teacher leaders to facilitate and promote their vision for teaching and learning. Effective teacher leaders complement administrators by serving as a conduit for two‐way communication, exploring the utility of new ideas or processes, modeling new practices and providing support to their colleagues. They serve in formal and informal roles, often with little preparation or support.

Pennsylvania ASCD recognizes the power and potential of teacher leaders and has developed an opportunity to bring together new and veteran teacher leaders to deepen their understanding of what it means to be a leader and provide support on navigating their way through the challenges associated with their work.

Previous Classes of PASCD Emerging Leaders:

2020 PASCD Emerging Leader Class

  • Jennifer Bergstresser
  • Jane Brennan
  • JoAnne Brown
  • Christina Crews
  • Kami Fecho
  • Jessica Fellin
  • Katherine Frentz
  • Amelia Hobson
  • Jenni Hoffman
  • Lauren Hostetler
  • Tracey King
  • Constance Malone
  • Alessandra Shayka

2019 PASCD Emerging Leader Class

  • Brian Aikens
  • Victoria Butz
  • Spencer Cameron
  • Michelle DeOliveira
  • Tanya Gillette
  • Scott Ketcham
  • Jennifer Neiman
  • Nicole L Rieker
  • Michelle Whitmoyer
  • Kira Yeager

2016 PASCD Emerging Leader Class

  • Lauryn Antimary
  • David Beard
  • Marnie Dominick
  • Susan Ericson
  • Tricia Fawcett
  • Jennifer Fisler
  • Jaime LaForgia
  • Edward Luckey
  • Ryan McFadden
  • Stephan Pron
  • Ashlie Rittle
  • Tamara Stavenski-Bennick
  • Nicole Stulak
  • Timothy Wagner

2014 PASCD Emerging Leader Class

  • Nicole Avon
  • Melanie Berlin
  • Kristen Craig
  • Christian Ehrhart
  • Jim Gallager
  • Colleen Hinrichsen
  • Lisa Hoffman
  • Rebecca Hoffmann
  • Megan Howard
  • Concetta Lupo
  • Jessica Shupik
  • Jennifer Ward
  • Geri Wilkocz
  • Felix Yerace

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