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Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

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About Us

The Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (PASCD) is an organization committed to the improvement of curriculum development, supervision, instruction, promotion of professional growth and education of children.  As a state affiliate of ASCD, our organization promotes quality leadership by providing timely programs and services to our membership. Pennsylvania ASCD is the proud recipient of the 2011 ASCD Affiliate Excellence Award. 

Pennsylvania ASCD supports an open membership and welcomes educators and education advocates with diverse experiences. Members include school-based and central office administrators, superintendents, curriculum specialists and directors, university faculty, classroom teachers and students.

Pennsylvania ASCD has received the following ASCD AFFILIATE RECOGNITION AWARDS:

Overall Excellence Award
Years awarded:  2011, 2004, 2000, 1996: Pennsylvania ASCD
This award is given to affiliates who have shown achievement in all five areas of excellence.

Communication and Publications
1999:  Pennsylvania ASCD
ASCD affiliates maintain a high profile with all stakeholders through the creation and dissemination of a variety of high-quality print and electronic publications that are widely used by the membership, other practitioners, and policymakers. 

Programs, Products, and Services
Years awarded:  2010, 2015: Pennsylvania ASCD
ASCD affiliates view their programs as opportunities to develop educators' capacity for learning, teaching, and leading and to fulfill their mission and goals. Programs, products, and services help affiliate members shape policy, improve classroom practice, and affect student achievement.

Leadership and Governance
Year awarded:  1997: Pennsylvania ASCD
ASCD affiliates are governed by strong strategic plans that emerge from a shared vision. Leaders communicate the affiliate's vision and follow through with action and evaluative reflection. Affiliates enhance their effectiveness through organized, well-functioning, and flexible structures and astute business and fiscal processes. They ensure their future through leadership development processes and understand the reciprocal nature of the relationship with the ASCD community.

ASCD Area of Excellence Award in Influence and Policy
Year awarded:  2014: Pennsylvania ASCD
Pennsylvania ASCD was recognized as a leading organization for improving influence efforts across the state. The affiliate has increased visibility through the development of an influence/policy team, communicated legislative/policy issues with members, and increased advocacy partnerships with state level groups. This was achieved specifically through active participation with the following activities/committees/groups, led by Dr. Richard Nilsen, Executive Director and Dr. Dean Maynard, Influence Chairperson

PASCD Organizational Chart
Click here to download a copy of the PASCD Organizational Chart.

For additional information about Pennsylvania ASCD contact:

Dr. Lori Stollar
Interim Pennsylvania ASCD Executive Director

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