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Pennsylvania Association
for Supervision and
Curriculum Development

Pennsylvania Association
for Supervision and
Curriculum Development

Innovative Learning Strand

Teach, Learn, Lead: The Transformational Advantage of AI in Education 

Facilitator:  Dr. Randy Ziegenfuss

"Teach, Learn, Lead" invites you into a transformative experience where Generative AI becomes your tool to redefine the boundaries of what it means to learn. This workshop combines practical applications of AI with visionary insights, modeling how to enhance teaching and unlock unprecedented learning and leadership opportunities. Whether it's automating administrative tasks or creating personalized learning experiences, you'll leave with new mindsets and skillsets to leverage AI in your learning environment.

AI as Your Administrative Assistant 

Facilitators: Dr. Samuel Mormando, Dr. Kyle Brun

This session demystifies the integration of artificial intelligence at the central office level. By offering a roadmap for administrators to leverage AI tools for efficiency, this presentation highlights how AI can automate routine tasks, improve communication, and help support strategic change initiatives. Attendees will explore real-world examples of using custom-built AI tools (e.g., ChatGPT) in a school setting and have the opportunity to create their own. By the end of this session, attendees will leave feeling inspired to embrace AI as a transformative tool. They will be ready to implement strategies that streamline operations, improve outcomes, and foster a more innovative learning culture.

Brave Leader Strand

Cultivating Culture Through Opportunities of Innovation 

Facilitator: Dr. Marc Bertrando

This session is designed for school administrators who are interested in reshaping their school cultures through innovative practices. Participants will be introduced to three strategic approaches: adapting high school schedules based on adolescent sleep study research, developing an in-house online learning program that seamlessly integrates digital and traditional learning, and creating a curriculum writing process that empowers teachers by placing them at the center of the work. Together, these strategies help foster a thriving school culture that embraces innovation and prepares both students and staff for a successful future. 

Beyond the Blueprint: Navigating Educational Transformation 

Facilitator:  Dr. Randy Ziegenfuss

Prepare to transform your approach to leadership in an era of extraordinary challenges. "Beyond the Blueprint" will equip you with the practical theories, concepts, and actions to navigate and lead through rapid changes. This workshop will be your incubator for new ways of leading, offering insights into adaptive leadership strategies and actions. Engage with peers, challenge your current perspectives, and emerge energized to lead your organization into a new era.

Rounds Without Rigorous Relationships Equals Rebellion 

Facilitators:  Lindsay Prendergast and Piper Lee

Building a shared vision of effective teaching and learning across an entire school demands mindsets and practices that cultivate psychological safety, curiosity, and collaboration. How can leaders, coaches, and teachers move beyond "mystery observations" and outdated teacher evaluation routines that exist in isolation from broader efforts to enhance student learning outcomes? Join us for an enlightening session where you'll gain insights and strategies from over 3,000 instructional rounds conducted in one of the nation's largest districts. Participants will explore and develop essential skills and mindsets for achieving interrater reliability, connecting data to instruction, fostering a culture of curiosity and collaboration, and amplifying effective practices that boost student learning outcomes in every classroom.

Having a Coaching Conversation with your Building/School Leaders Using the School Leader Paradigm

Facilitators:  Dr. Eric Eshbach and Dr. Michael Snell, Pennsylvania Principals Association

The job of a school leader requires both “becoming” an effective leader and “doing” the work. This “becoming while doing” is essential, whether you are a new or a veteran leader. The School Leader Paradigm addresses both the “becoming” (e.g., improving each day) and the “doing” (e.g., the actual work of a learning leader leading a learning organization). The “becoming” side of the paradigm addresses three intelligences: personal, social and systems. The “doing” side comprises three domains of the work of school leaders: culture, systems and learning. Join Eric Eshbach and Michael Snell as they provide an overview of the framework, insight and tools to have a coaching conversation with your school leaders.    

Passionate Practitioner Strand

Differentiation by Design 

Facilitators: Dr. Samuel Mormando, Dr. Leslee Hutchinson, Mrs. Julie Devine

This session leverages the transformative Effectively Designed Instruction (EDI) framework to equip educators with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in any teaching setting, whether traditional, online, or blended. Participants will learn practical approaches to supporting teachers in personalized learning, fostering student engagement, and ensuring inclusivity. With a focus on hands-on application and real-world scenarios, this session provides actionable insights and resources for those working with teachers in any grade level or content area.

Habits of Resilient Educators: Strategies for Thriving During Times of Anxiety, Doubt & Constant Change 

Facilitators:  Lindsay Prendergast and Piper Lee

Elevate your teaching craft and boost your confidence with habits that seamlessly blend personal and professional growth. Join the authors of Habits of Resilient Educators (Corwin, 2024) for an engaging, interactive session. Experience a transformative framework of 9 essential habits, tailored to support educators in their unique roles at the intersection of everyday challenges and extraordinary impact. Through guided activities, you'll apply research-based practices that foster resilience, enhance your teaching strategies, and help you achieve greater balance and satisfaction in your career. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your practice and thrive as an educator.

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